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VirtaMed-powered Rezum simulator introduces water vapor treatment for BPH

August 03, 2015

VirtaMed has developed a customized simulator for US-based NxThera's Rezum System, a new innovative BPH treatment utilizing water vapor energy. “The simulator really helps us stand out as a new technology”, says NxThera’s Senior Systems Engineer Matt Byrne.

NxThera’s Convective Water Vapor Energy (WAVE™) Technology recently received FDA 510(k) clearance and is designed to be the next generation of minimally invasive treatments for endourologic conditions. The VirtaMed-powered Rezum simulator was first introduced to the medical public in May 2015 at the American Urological Association's annual meeting AUA 2015.

The simulator and the procedure were both very well received. “I can't even count how many physicians came to our booth; it was a huge draw, and the feedback was great!” says Amanda Heys, NxThera’s Senior Manager Professional Education & Training. The simulator is a good marketing tool, but, most importantly, it helps NxThera train physicians in a responsible and controlled environment as the Rezum System sales begin in Q4 2015.

VirtaMed and NxThera initially came up with the idea of a shared path during AUA 2014, and the development process for the Rezum simulator began in October 2014. Mr. Byrne was relieved to find VirtaMed:

"Reviewing VirtaMed simulators for the first time at AUA 2014 was the answer we had been searching for, given the stage of development we were in at the time. The timing couldn’t have been better. We were about 1.5 years out from commercial launch, and had been considering all manner of training options, given our first physician training for clinical studies involved slabs of meat and hollowed out pieces of fruit!"

“You can't simulate the real thing with a piece of meat; it's a very visual procedure,” explains Ms. Heys. “When I saw the UroSim™ at the AUA 2014 I lit up. We could see the potential of it straight away.”

The two teams pulled together well, says Kelly Dycus, Simulation Education Specialist at VirtaMed. “NxThera was great to work with, as they knew exactly what they wanted and were extremely responsive and involved in the development process. They really took ownership of the project and were clearly very excited about the collaboration.” The collaboration was a similarly good experience for NxThera, testifies Ms. Heys:

“We loved working with VirtaMed! They are obviously a very competent and highly skilled team, and they were very responsive when we made suggestions or asked for certain functions and features. There were times when we asked for things that were a little outside of what they had done, and, kudos to the team, they would go away, think about it, and within a couple of days to a week come back to us with a solution.”

"We believe that the Rezum Simulators will significantly reduce the learning curve associated with adopting this new procedure, and allow physicians to competently and confidently offer it as an early option for suitable patients. We strive for excellence in every aspect of the organization, and the simulators add that level of thoroughness and professionalism to our physician training,” concludes Ms. Heys.