Simulation skills lab at Cairo Kasr Al Aini School of Medicine

Ahmed El-Minawi, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Cairo Kasr Al Aini School of Medicine, has recently inaugurated a new simulation and surgical skills lab (VESSALKA) at his department. Prof. El-Minawi is a strong proponent of simulation training and believes that trainees should develop hands-on expertise in a safe environment before starting to work with patients.

Dr_Ahmed_El-Minawi-40.jpg.webpIt is unacceptable for trainees to practice basic skills in the operating room, exposing patients to potential risks. Simulation on the other hand offers zero risk and helps young physicians to prepare for clinical situations they may face in real life.

- Prof. El-Minawi, Director of the Virtual Simulation Lab (VESSALKA), Cairo Kasr Al Aini School of Medicine

One of the main challenges that Prof. El-Minawi hopes to solve with his new VirtaMed GynoS™Hysteroscopy and IUD simulator is the lack of structured training. With VirtaMed simulators, users start with the most essential skills, such as scope navigation, and progress to more complex cases and complications handling exercises. This structured approach lays a strong foundation for the development of psychomotor skills which are key to ensure patient safety.

Prof. El Minawi has extensive ob/gyn experience, spanning from reproductive medicine to robotic gynecology. Yet, building a simulation center has been his lifelong dream. He believes that there is nothing more rewarding than helping colleagues to grow on their professional journey. And who can help better with this than a VirtaMed simulator?

The performance of an individual can be assessed, recorded and measured against objective standards and compared to other trainees. This is how we can detect weaknesses and optimize custom training.

- Prof. El-Minawi, Director of the Virtual Simulation Lab (VESSALKA), Cairo Kasr Al Aini School of Medicine

Prof. El-Minawi’s simulation lab offers courses for both new trainees and senior staff to ensure that everyone at the Kasr Al Aini hospital can successfully diagnose and treat the diverse cases that they encounter every day. VirtaMed wishes Prof. El-Minawi and his team loads of successes and happy training on the GynoS simulator!