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VirtaMed offers industry-leading mixed-reality simulation for orthopedics, obstetrics, gynecology, urology, and general surgery. Our simulators provide physicians with a safe and immersive environment to train for and perform complex procedures.

Medical simulation training leads to improved patient safety

At VirtaMed our "why" starts with better patient outcomes through revolutionizing surgical training. With VirtaMed's simulators trainees gain transferable skills preparing them to perform better in the OR and build their skills to perform from basic to complex procedures.

VirtaMed's key points of difference

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Simulator Family 2023_front view.png
Simulator Family 2023_front view.png


Highly realistic surgical simulations that allow for skills transfer to the operating room.


Modular system allows training across disciplines, ultimately driving down costs.

VirtaMed Services

Exceptional post-purchase support that goes beyond installation to include curriculum and course development

Our solutions

For Medtech companies

VirtaMed offers tailored medical simulation solutions for a wide range of medical devices, based on client requirements. Training medical professionals and live presentation of your products has never been this easy!

For Training institutions

Boost the physician education of your hospital or training center with virtual reality simulators: efficient medical training in a risk-free environment.

VirtaMed services


VirtaMed Connect is your all-in-one online platform, securely storing course data in the cloud for 24/7 access. With Connect, course directors effortlessly track resident progress, evaluate cohort and individual performance, and deliver targeted feedback. Plus, it simplifies the implementation of new courses, saving you valuable time while monitoring student progress.

Proficiency development

Technology is transforming medical education and training. VirtaMed's Training and Education team is skilled at developing training programs and optimally integrating active learning solutions into the learning journey.

Service & support

With a Net Promotor Score of more than 90, VirtaMed Services and Support team provides ongoing support, with a proven track record to resolving customer issues swiftly and effectively, ensuring seamless and hassle-free technology experiences.

Our mission

Innovation in medical education

We are committed to changing the way medical skills are taught by harnassing data and advanced simulation solutions.

Enhancing Patient Outcomes

Positively impacting patient outcomes through medical simulation solutions and training.

Quality, Innovation & Support

By placing our customers at the centre of what we do, we are committed to developing products that meet client needs, to the best of our abilites.

Our clients say

What stands out is that LaparoS™ includes the whole procedural preparation: the positioning of the patient and the placement of the trocars. Then there is the practical part – the step by step learning across different levels.

Prof. Dr. Dieter Hahnloser

Head of Colorectal Unit, Department of Visceral Surgery, CHUV, President Swiss College of Surgeons

Our goal is to improve patient care by advancing education in arthroscopy, and we want to ensure all arthroscopic surgeons have access to high-quality skills training and continuous education. Working with VirtaMed’s first-rate simulators, experienced developers and dedicated education specialists will help us reach that goal.

Dr Joseph Tauro

M.D., Former AANA Learning Center Committee Chair, USA

The better doctors are trained, the fewer operative complications there will be. Complications that cost the society millions. I have been working with VirtaMed simulators for several years and for me there is no equivalent in hysteroscopy training

Dr. Vincent Villefranque

The Simone Veil Hospital, Eaubonne, France

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