Access to your simulator data anytime, anywhere

What is Connect?

Connect is VirtaMed's cloud-based data management system that lets you see and manage all of your simulator data in one place. With Connect there is no need to manually produce reports - all course and student performance data is easily accessibly, with easy to use widget providing a visual overview of performance. Use Connect to remotely create and update courses, track student progress, and manage your simulator usage, all from the convenience of your desk or tablet.

Key features

  1. Manage trainee accounts
  2. View training reports and key metrics
  3. Tailor course for individuals/groups
  4. Access simulation data and other resources anytime, anywhere

Key benefits

  1. Understand the end user’s learning difficulties
  2. Show real-time data on the flattening learning curve
  3. Visualize and tailor all metrics in one place
  4. Make strategic decisions to impact key goals

What can connect add to your training?

Keep your focus on education

Simulator management that lets you focus on what is important

  • Access simulators remotely; no need to leave your office
  • Conveniently create courses and manage curricula
  • Motivate your students with online leader boards

Proficiency-based progression

Use objective performance measurements to guide learning

  • Coach students on key areas for improvement
  • Monitor cohort progress; know who is training and when
  • Capture and compare student results over time

Scale to your needs

Overview of all your simulators and devices

  • Facilitate research collaboration with cloud-based data
  • Manage multi-simulator and multi-site training programs
  • Know your simulator status and location with fleet management
  • Must have access to the internet certain services

Optimize your ROI

Demonstrate the value of your simulators

  • Use reporting metrics: know how often your simulators are being used, when, and by whom
  • Identify peak usage times and streamline scheduling
  • Re-coup costs through external trainings

Improve productivity

Minimize administrative overhead

  • Log in anytime and anywhere thanks to remote access
  • Limit downtime with access to VirtaMed’s highly-rated Service & Support team
  • Take advantage of instant access to expertly-developed and society-endorsed courses


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