Preliminary Experience with Virtual Reality Simulation vs. Animal Model for Hysteroscopic Myomectomy Training

AuthorL.R. Glazerman, S.R. Hart, M. Bajka, D. Fink, R.R. Bassaly

Study Objective

To obtain trainees’ initial impressions of a new virtual reality hysteroscopic trainer compared to a traditional animal model for training in hysteroscopic myomectomy.


Attendees at a hands-on postgraduate course on operative hysteroscopy rotated through several training stations. Included in the rotation were a station using a pig bladder model for hysteroscopic myomectomy as well as a station using the HystSim (VirtaMed, Zurich, Switzerland) hysteroscopic simulator. Each participant rated both stations on realism as well as training capacity.

Measurements and Main Results

The virtual reality trainer scored significantly higher than the pig bladder model for ‘‘variety of training cases’’ (p50.039) and ‘‘performance assessment’’ (p50.010). There was a statistically insignificant trend in favor of the virtual reality model for training capacity.


The HystSim Virtual Reality hysteroscopic trainerwas felt to be at least equal to the ‘‘gold standard’’ pig bladder model for training in hysteroscopic myomectomy with the additional advantages of reproducibility and measurement of results. Further studies comparing modalities and relating results to operating room performance are warranted.