Evaluation of the HystSim™-virtual reality trainer: an essential additional tool to train hysteroscopic skills outside the operation theater

AuthorFelix Neis, Sara Brucker, Melanie Henes, F. Andrei Taran, Sascha Hoffmann, Markus Wallwiener, Birgitt Schönfisch, Nicole Ziegler, Angelika Larbig, Rudy Leon De Wilde


Minimally invasive surgery is a major pillar of gynecological surgery. However, there are very few training opportunities outside the operation theater (OR) due to the cost and equipment requirements of organ simulators, virtual reality trainers (VRT) are promising tools to fill this gap.


Experienced and inexperienced participants of a minimally invasive surgery course followed the standardized HystSim™-VRT training program.


Performance of 39 Participants (15 inexperienced and 24 experienced) was evaluated in the standardized hysteroscopic program HystSim™. Tasks included three rounds of both a polyp and a myoma resection. Primary measurements were improvement in resection time, cumulative resection path length, and distention media use.


The HystSim™-VRT is an effective tool to improve the psychomotor skills needed in hysteroscopic surgery for experienced and inexperienced surgeons prior to OR exposure. Additional organ models training is advisable for hysteroscopic haptic skills.