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VirtaMed HystSim™ + VirtaMed PelvicSim™ = VirtaMed GynoS™; VirtaMed UroSim™ = VirtaMed UroS™

March 09, 2018
Same continuously improving products, new names: we are standardizing our product naming and introducing new brand names VirtaMed GynoS™ and VirtaMed UroS™.

While the VirtaMed UroS™ is a simple renaming of the UroSim™, the VirtaMed GynoS™ is a merge of the familiar IUD Placement module (formerly known as VirtaMed PelvicSim™), the ASRM Embryo Transfer module, as well as the Hysteroscopy, Advanced Hysteroscopic Resection and Essential Hysteroscopy Skills (formerly collected under the brand VirtaMed HystSim™).

Learn more about VirtaMed ArthroS™, the arthroscopy training platform.
Learn more about VirtaMed GynoS™ Hysteroscopy and VirtaMed GynoS™ IUD Placement, the obstetrics and gynecology training platforms.
Learn more about VirtaMed UroS™, the urology training platform.