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VirtaMed ArthroS – Virtual reality training for knee arthroscopy

July 13, 2011
Highly realistic simulation enters another endoscopic field: Knee arthroscopy

With an estimated 4 million knee arthroscopies performed globally per year, arthroscopy is an important surgical field. This kind of surgery requires very good knowledge and well-grounded physicians. Despite the high degree of difficulty of this complex procedure, in the past available training methods lacked behind. 

Now, VirtaMed presents the first prototype of ArthroS, a virtual reality knee arthroscopy simulator. It has been developed in close collaboration with Balgrist Clinic in Zurich and already traveled to SGO conference in Switzerland to receive even more valuable feedback from experienced surgeons.

Hands-on training combines high-fidelity software with a rubber knee model

The setup combines the best of both worlds: A rubber knee model serves as patient replacement, and original operation tools are adapted for virtual reality simulation. The “Basic Skills” module teaches how to perform a diagnostic arthroscopy, how to grasp and remove free floating chips and how to control the hook. 

Eight different patient cases demand to possess these basic skills to be able to do a complete procedure and resect meniscus lesions. Some helpful tools such as a resection map can guide the trainee through the procedure. 

Download the ArthroS Factsheet here (pdf).