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Video: Custom-made VirtaMed simulator for NxThera's Rezum BPH treatment

January 21, 2016

VirtaMed developed a custom-made simulator for showcasing and training for NxThera's Rezum water vapor treatment for BPH. We interviewed NxThera President & CEO Bob Paulson, Senior Systems Engineer Matt Byrne, and Senior Manager Professional Education and Training Amanda Heyes, and asked how they feel about the simulator and their company's collaboration with VirtaMed.

VirtaMed has worked with the medical devices industry since the company's early days, and we have learned that creators of a new medical procedures appreciate the way a high-fidelity simulator brings their procedure to life. While training doctors remains the main goal, a hands-on simulator can also help with the FDA application process. Furthermore, the simulator gives the engineers, the trainers, the salesforce and the rest of the non-medical staff the opportunity to experience exactly what it is they have been developing and promoting all along.

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