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Software release 2015 for VirtaMed HystSim™ and UroSim™: New features, improved learning, streamlined design

March 31, 2015
New GUI design
The upcoming software releases for our HystSim™ and UroSim™ contain a variety of ideas, features and improvements that make our gynecology and urology simulators even better. You can train for hysteroscopy, TURP and bladder tumor removal in a safe, highly realistic environment – which is now being brought to you in an optimized way:

Design update: The same look & feel for all simulators and modules

All VirtaMed simulators are available on one platform and can be easily switched. From now on, they also look the same, are much easier to understand, and make navigating a piece of cake.

Role models when it comes to user-friendliness

The VirtaMed HystSim™ and UroSim™ are simplifying your life now: the simulators are fast and effortlessly set up, and getting started is an easy task, even if it’s your first time on a VirtaMed simulator.

More customization options

Now that our user interface is streamlined and cleaned up, we can also offer our industry partners extended options to customize their own simulators, design and layout.

Monitor your progress on the learning curve

You would like to know how you improve, and compare results from a week or two months ago with today’s performance? Now you can easily see your progress in the feedback report, and determine which skills have already nicely developed, and where your personal areas of improvement are.

Switch languages easily

All our simulators are multicultural and linguistic geniuses. They have the ability to let you choose between different languages and switch easily between e.g. English and Chinese.

Connect multiple instruments for various procedures

Are you planning to first remove a polyp with scissors and then do a myomectomy with a resectoscope? Now you can just connect multiple instruments at once, and have the appropriate tool ready at hand when you need it. You can also seamlessly switch from one instrument to the other, no restart of the patient case involved.

Even better simulation experience

We integrated latest research into these new software releases. The result: improved realism of the simulation, and a more stable and real-life simulation experience for you.

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Essential Skills Polyp Grasper
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Learning Curve VirtaMed HystSim
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Multiple Instruments
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Multiple Polyps HystSim
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Course VirtaMed UroSim