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Shoulder Arthroscopy Training: New Features

September 23, 2013

What do orthopedic surgeons have to learn when it comes to shoulder arthroscopy? And why should you use the VirtaMed ArthroS™ simulator for arthroscopy training? Here are the 10 most convincing arguments fresh from our customers:

1.) Original instruments from the OR

Adapted original instruments provide a complete simulation experience and familiarization with instruments. Surgical tools such as a palpation hook, grasper, cutting punch or shaver can be used for diagnostic and operative procedures. Using original instruments for training eases the transfer of skills to the operating room. 

2.) Photorealistic high-fidelity simulation in HD - Just like the real thing

Highly realistic graphics, bleeding and fluid behavior complete the virtual patient cases. RealSense™ technology offers the best tactile feedback possible: Knee and shoulder joint of the anatomical models can be mobilized as in real life, and the visual images adapt accordingly. The surgeon also has a free choice between different portals. 

3.) Fast progress on the learning curve through endless variety of pathologies

ArthroS™ offers an endless variety of pathologies and anatomies based on MRI/CT data of real patients. An orthopedic surgeon would have only encountered such a variety after years of practice. Individual training courses can be designed with specific training for beginners or experienced arthroscopists.

4.) Complete training curriculum for knee and shoulder

For the first steps in arthroscopy, basic skill training teaches the necessary skills like tool handling and triangulation while avoiding cartilage damage. A large number of diagnostic cases is available, including guided diagnostic tours and visualization of various pathologies such as arthrosis, impingement or calcifications. Full therapeutic procedures include e.g. cutting, shaving, loose body removal or subacromial decompression. 

5.) Complication training in a risk-free environment

The surgeon is confronted with the same complications as in the operating room and learns how to react to challenging pathologies or intense bleeding. Complication training on the simulator prepares for challenges on the real patient without putting anyone at risk. 

6.) Guided training of surgical skills saves instructive and OR time

A special feature of ArthroS™ is the SimProctor™. Outside views and ghost tools show the trainee how to perform various tasks, including how to hold instruments, complete procedure steps etc. The SimProctor™ integrates best practices and clinical knowledge from key opinion leaders worldwide into the simulation and saves instruction and OR time.

7.) Objective performance feedback with expert-defined scores

Objective feedback is the basis for learning. After each completed procedure, the trainee receives a feedback report with expert-defined scores. The trainee can also take screenshots at any time, and a movie of the procedure is saved together with the feedback report. This allows to track improvements and to replay procedures later on.

8.) Only ONE platform for multiple simulators and surgical fields

On just one platform, multiple simulators, disciplines and specializations can be trained. For example, arthroscopy training for knee and shoulder happens on the same simulator as urology or gynecology training (TURPSim™ and HystSim™). The simulation platform is also expandable to other procedures in the future; including hip, ankle, elbow or spine.

9.) Multiple languages included: choose between English, Chinese, Russian, ...

The multi-lingual interface is the core of a truly global product such as ArthroS™. All messages, buttons, etc. can be shown in any language, because learning is easier in your own mother tongue. Switching languages can be done within a second, all language packs are pre-installed. 

10.) ArthroS™ is the best arthroscopy simulator available on the market!

Contact us on if you have any questions, or find out more about the new training simulator and test it yourself at one of the upcoming conferences: 

ArthroS™ @ DKOU Kongress, Berlin, Germany, Oct. 22, 2013

ArthroS™ @ EOA Annual Meeting, Miami, FL, USA, Oct. 30, 2013

ArthroS™ @ European Basic Arthroscopy Course, Istanbul, Turkey, Nov. 08, 2013

ArthroS™ @ AANA Fall, Las Vegas, USA, Nov. 07, 2013

ArthroS™ @ AAOS/VR, Rosemont, IL, USA, Nov. 22, 2013

ArthroS™ @ SFA Annual Congress, Bordeaux, France, Dec. 05, 2013