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New modules for essential skill training and experienced hysteroscopists

October 01, 2012
New module to train the essential skills needed for the first steps in hysteroscopy
For the first steps in hysteroscopy, the Essential Skills Module teaches e.g. the correct access in anteverted or retroverted uteri. The trainee can also learn how to safely navigate through the cavity and visualize the uterus and the ostia. The essential skill “Distention” can be trained as well, a crucial principal to understand before performing hysteroscopic interventions later on. Residents can also learn how to take a proper biopsy or how to remove a polyp with a grasper or micro scissors. Also small adhesions can be cut to restore the uterine cavity.

Advanced Hysteroscopy Module

In the Advanced Hysteroscopy Module, more difficult procedures await the surgeons. Multiple pathologies have to be removed from one patient, and even intramural myoma (type I and II) have to be resected. A huge septum challenges more experienced trainees.