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Middle East Health features surgical evolution made in Switzerland

May 21, 2013
"Photorealistic simulation and endless variety of pathologies" - Middle East Health Magazine 2013

And here is the text that has been featured in the May / June 2013 edition of "Middle East Health" magazine:

In an ideal, perfect world: What would surgical education look like? 

In an ideal, perfect world, complications would be trained in a safe and risk-free environment with no live patients involved. The training tool would look and feel exactly the same as “the real thing”. And it would teach the right way to do a procedure and correct any slight little mistake a trainee would commit.

Swiss engineers have made all of the above possible, and even more: Virtual reality simulators offer high-fidelity graphics in HD. Original instruments from the operating room are equipped with sensors. They work just as in real life, train all the skills necessary and thus facilitate the transition to the OR. And an endless variety of various pathologies awaits the trainee – a variety that surgeons would only encounter during years of practice. 

Hints and colored “ghost tools” show the best way to deal with a specific patient case. Experts define scores for objective performance feedback after each surgical procedure. Metrics include safety, correct handling of the instruments and how well the surgeon dealt with the pathology. 

Until now, the company VirtaMed based in Zurich, Switzerland, offers surgical simulators for training in four disciplines. These are hysteroscopy, transurethral resection of the prostate, knee arthroscopy and – in prototype state – shoulder arthroscopy. For a live demo of this innovative educational tool and for more information on future product developments just