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Maximize the Value of Your Simulator with VirtaMed’s Training & Education Team

May 07, 2018
Training Team demonstrating the ArthroS Knee


Our T&E team is here to help you get the most out of your simulator. In addition to introductory sessions, the T&E team offers in-depth training in a variety of areas and in multiple languages (English, German, French, Italian and Chinese). The T&E team can organize trainings that are as diverse as our customers, catering to groups of all sizes and interests. For example, they have helped customers develop courses for trainees preparing for the European Board exam or the Swiss Orthopedic exam as well as courses for experienced professionals looking to train on the less-common joints such as the hip.

Using simulators in training can help you reduce both the time and expense requirements of getting your trainees up to the best possible standard. Drawing upon their in-depth simulator knowledge, the T&E team can work with you to develop the best simulator-based courses for your organization, and then help you to integrate these courses into your existing curriculum. Last year, the T&E team worked with Europe’s largest society for arthroscopy,  the Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery (AGA), to develop the Simulator Training Arthroskopie (STArt) course. Using VirtaMed simulators, this course introduces residents to virtual arthroscopy with the goals of accelerating learning, enhancing manual skills, and improving patient safety.

Simulators are also excellent tools for providing ongoing education for your staff and colleagues, and the T&E team can help you help your physicians to stay at the top of their game. Simulator-based training has been used by some societies as part of accredited courses which have been used to earn credit towards continuing medical education requirements.


Our T&E team takes education very seriously, and functions as VirtaMed’s link to medical academia.

In response to France’s recent mandate that all medical residents receive some form of simulator-based training, the T&E team has supported researcher Paul Walbron in using simulators to evaluate 118 first-year orthopedic interns in France. Simulators, because they provide impartial, objective, and quantitative results, were the ideal tool to test residents and establish a baseline skill set.

This national study, supported by Le Collège Français des Chirurgiens Orthopédistes et Traumatologues (CFCOT) and the Société Francophone d’Arthroscopie (SFA), aims to inform France’s new simulator mandate, including how best to establish a skills baseline for French orthopedic interns and determining the approximate training time required for an intern to reach predefined proficiency levels prior to entering the OR. Additional studies are planned, which will focus on how to best integrate mandatory simulation curriculum for orthopedic surgeons into French medical education.

As part of our focus in improving medical education, T&E also actively supports societies in their pursuit of bettering medical education through increased standardization. The T&E team is currently working with the Federation of Orthodaedic Trainees in Europe (Forte), the Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery (AGA), and the Société Francophone d’Arthroscopie (SFA) to establish an international standard for the base-level of proficiency required for interns prior to starting in the OR.

Cynthia - T&E.jpg
Project Consultant Cynthia delivering a training in Guangzhou, China

Meet the Team

Our training team has four members, two based in Switzerland and two in our new China office. Like the rest of VirtaMed’s employees, our T&E team is incredibly diverse, with regards to where they are from and their areas of expertise. For instance, did you know that Martina, who is based out of our Swiss office and is the head of T&E, has a PhD in applied physics and ran a laparoscopic training center for over ten years? She is still very active in research (particularly in France), and is a member of NASCE.

Candice, also based in Switzerland, holds a master’s degree in Sociology. She has been at VirtaMed for 6 years and is our most experienced team member. She knows the simulators inside and out, and she often combines this knowledge with her vast experience from training in many different countries and cultures to find the right educational approaches for each customer.

In our recently established office in China, T&E is headed up by Cynthia and Jimmy. Cynthia brings with her an international management background, and Jimmy boasts a background in nursing. Both are from China and are able to use their cultural know-how and native speaking abilities to better share their knowledge.  

For more information or to contact our training team, reach out to Martina at

Photos of our T&E team in Action
T&E Manager Candice during a successful training course
T&E team member Jimmy supporting a training course in hysteroscopy organzied by Fudan University in Shanghai, China
T&E team member Ding in Beijing supporting an arthroscopy Clinical Operation Skills Seminar organized by Peking University People's Hospital
T&E team member Diana in Chengdu delivering a presentation to Sports Medicine surgeons at West China Hospital