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IUD placement and more on new PelvicSim™

January 21, 2013

PelvicSim™ is more than just a new platform for HystSim™. It is the first virtual reality simulator for uterine sounding and IUD insertion.

At the IMSH conference in Orlando, Florida, USA, we present a new platform for our hysteroscopy simulator: the PelvicSim™. In addition to the existing HystSim™ that runs on this new platform, there are also new modules. 

Virtual patients on PelvicSim™ include uterine sounding in anteverted and retroverted cavities and the placement of intrauterine devices.  

The version and flexion of the uterus can be straightened for the procedure with a tenaculum forceps. Ghost tools show the correct movement, and a patient comfort scale gives the doctor feedback on how comfortable the patient feels during the procedure.

If you would like to see the first presentation of PelvicSim™ live at IMSH conference this January 26 -30, just stop by: