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Italian doctors thrilled by VirtaMed CyberSym

March 27, 2013

CyberSym has been tested by Italian doctors. Here is what they say.

CyberSym has been developed by VirtaMed for Quanta Systems. The virtual reality simulator offers surgeons the chance to train surgery in case of benign prostate hyperplasia by use of a laser.

It enables surgeons to train different laser techniques such as vaporesection, vaporization or enucleation.

Click here to see the interview (in Italian) with professor Salvatore Novo, President of the Italian Society of Cardiology.

Click here to see the movie (in Italian) about  CyberSym. Professor Luca Carmignani presents the virtual reality laser simulator that reproduces gestures, procedures and complications that can happen in the OR - with high-fidelity graphics. The simulator is being used for the education of future urologic surgeons at the hospital San Donato in Milan.

The newspaper "Corrierre della Serra" published an article on CyberSym on March 19, 2013, saying that doctors love the simulator and hope to integrate it into the training curriculum soon: