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Introducing PelvicSim™ Mini, the luggage-sized simulator for frequent travelers

September 07, 2015

The world has already seen the VirtaMed PelvicSim™ stationary simulator for the placement of Intrauterine Systems (IUS) indicated for long acting contraception; we have also introduced the PelvicSim™ Portable for easy transport. Now we are proud to present the PelvicSim™ Mini, our newest and smallest anatomic simulator.

The VirtaMed PelvicSim™ Mini comes packed in a durable Victorinox suitcase, and with a weight of only 22 kg it’s small enough to travel as regular luggage on any commercial flight. While the standard simulator on a caddy and the portable version both feature the same, full-sized anatomic model, the Mini has a stripped down pelvic model, containing only the essential parts.

However, small size does not imply lack of functionality: just like the two bigger versions, the PelvicSim™ Mini comes with three interchangeable uteri and the usual range of simulated patient cases; procedures featured in the simulator include the same IUS placement and uterine sounding options as the larger counterparts.

The VirtaMed PelvicSim™ Mini was developed in collaboration with Bayer AG in Germany. Bayer is using the newly developed simulator under the brand MiniSim™ for physician training of Bayer products such as Mirena® and Jaydess® IUS inserters, similar to the larger pelvic platforms. Bayer approached VirtaMed and asked for a smaller simulator, one that the company’s representatives could comfortably carry along while travelling from one conference to another.

The development process took only six months, and the finished product has already been sent to several satisfied customers.

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