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The first 100 days at VirtaMed – A résumé

September 26, 2014

Heinz Gresch has been Head of Production for 100 days now. We asked him about his goals, what he expected, and how it all worked out.

Why did you choose to take a leadership position at VirtaMed?

The main reason is that I can play an important role in developing and building up the production department. VirtaMed is right now in a very exciting phase of growth. That means: existing clients have to be taken care of, and at the same time the organization with all necessary processes has to be set up.

Did the position meet your expectations?

My ideas and expectations have even been exceeded, thanks to the great work of the entire production team. And in contrast to more established, traditional companies, there is a phenomenal team spirit at VirtaMed. The summer party, for example, has been a lot of fun for me.

What do your wife and kids say about your new job?

They like it a lot, because minimal-invasive surgery can be trained in a highly realistic environment thanks to – amongst others – my work. Thus, I have a share in lowering recovery costs, increasing surgical skills, and thus increasing patient safety. This inures to the benefit of everybody.

Which have been your main goals for the first 100 days?

I needed to get to know the company, the products and the challenges in production, and take over some responsibilities from our CTO, Daniel Bachofen, as fast as possible. My focus was to create a basis to ensure that the daily business runs smoothly. At the same time, I tried to fix some organizational rules when it comes to new incoming orders. In retrospect, I can say that our department has made a huge step forward.

What do you expect from your employees and what can they expect in return?

To support ongoing growth of the company, I would like to apply my know-how in the fields of production and engineering. To do so, I need and expect every employee to be motivated, willing to work, and honest. In return, they can expect understanding and support in solving any problems and finding the right solution. Creative work in a technical environment: that is what I love about my job.

What will be your focus for the next 100 days?

One aspect is to turn the new production processes into daily routine, as a basis for further improvements. Another aspect will be to do a detailed analysis of the value streams and ensure a punctual and perfect delivery of client orders regarding quality. For 2015, the evaluation of a new ERP system and an extension of the production space are on my list.

Your motto? 

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall!

Heinz Gresch, Head of Production

Heinz Gresch is responsible for ensuring finest Swiss quality in each simulator component built and assembled at VirtaMed. His long-standing experience in both technical and managerial fields made him the perfect candidate to build up the production department of our growing company. As Head of Production, he plans the assembly process and improves performance for best efficiency and quality possible. Heinz first entered the technical field by accomplishing a tool and mould-making apprenticeship followed by a machine technician education. Before joining VirtaMed in 2014, he worked several years as Head of Production in a small company and studied Business Management and Quality. During his spare time, he offers guided historical walks around the Ufenau island located in the lake of Zurich and loves to go biking with his family in the Swiss mountains.