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Essential Hysteroscopy Skill Training

July 09, 2012

How can surgeons learn the underlying skills to perform safe and efficient hysteroscopies? The new SimProctor™ Module for HystSim™ has the answer.

The VirtaMed team is working on a new SimProctor™ module for the HystSim™ simulator: Essential hysteroscopy skill training for Residents and surgeons who want to prepare for their first steps in hysteroscopy. The SimProctor™ system takes over the role of experienced surgeons guiding the trainee and showing Residents the best practice approach to a specific intervention.

The essential tasks in hysteroscopy include guided navigation through the uterine cavity, polyp removal with the grasper or correct and efficient use of distension media. Text boxes give the trainee hints on what needs to be done, and colored areas provide for additional guidance during each basic skill task.

Within the next weeks, this new module for the hysteroscopy simulator will be finalised, finetuned and launched.

See below a first teaser of some essential hysteroscopy skill tasks using the SimProctor™ module: