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Comprehensive virtual reality training for all FDA-approved IUC devices now also featuring Liletta™

October 05, 2015

Training goes virtual reality: Since 2013, ARMS, Affiliates Risk Management Services, Inc., has partnered with Swiss simulation specialist, VirtaMed AG, to simulate placement of all FDA-approved intrauterine contraception (IUC) devices as part of the ARMS mobile simulation program. The latest module has been launched in August 2015: Training on the Liletta™ device.

New York, USA / Schlieren, Switzerland – October 5th, 2015

In 2013, ARMS approached VirtaMed, seeking an experienced partner in virtual reality simulation. The goal was to establish “Learning through action” as a completely new approach to clinician education, thus enhancing patient safety. The result of the collaboration is the ARMS PelvicSim™ IUC module. It provides training for both new and experienced clinicians on all FDA-approved IUC devices, including Skyla®, Mirena®, and ParaGard®. In addition, hysteroscopic procedures and sterilization training can be conducted on the same pelvic model, combined with the latest simulation technology.

Stefan Tuchschmid, CEO at VirtaMed, commends this pioneering achievement: “ARMS was the first to recognize the need to advance OB/GYN education with cutting-edge technology. Together, we have revolutionized training for IUC placement and improved quality of patient care.” Jill A. Cobrin, President and CEO of ARMS, said, “We offer leading educational tools to enhance patient experience and health outcomes. Our PelvicSim™ combines different training methods for a variety of procedures, all on a single platform. The positive feedback we receive from clinicians is overwhelming.”

After the huge success of their mobile simulation program, in 2015 ARMS broadened the scope of their training by investing in the development of another new simulation module. VirtaMed included the Liletta™ device as a new module for the PelvicSim™. Sara Voit, Director of Learning at ARMS, remarked: “In just six weeks, VirtaMed added a new IUC device to the existing simulation training platform. It’s great to work with such a fast and experienced partner.”

The award-winning mobile simulation program offered by ARMS on the PelvicSim™ combines eLearning with hands-on virtual reality simulation. Video tutorials and courses on sounding the uterus, using a tenaculum, and loading and placing IUC devices make it a comprehensive educational tool. The one-of-a-kind patient comfort scale gives clinicians immediate feedback and increases confidence in their IUC insertion practice. All activities on the simulator can be credited toward continuing medical education (CME), which in turn can easily be transferred into CE credits.


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About Affiliates Risk Management Services, Inc.
Affiliates Risk Management Services, Inc. (ARMS) provides comprehensive, stable, and affordable insurance, educational, and risk and quality management services to assist its clients to enhance patient safety, improve health outcomes, and minimize the risk of loss.
Established in 2001 and based in New York, NY, USA, key services include engaging learning and training opportunities from the Center for Affiliated Learning (CAL) as well as progressive and customized risk, quality, and patient safety strategies.
Affiliates Risk Management Services, Inc. is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians (CME credit).

About VirtaMed
VirtaMed is a Swiss company with an interdisciplinary background in medicine and engineering. Our mission is to develop state-of-the-art training tools for endoscopic surgery of highest possible realism, all with the ultimate goal to improve the quality of patient care.
VirtaMed’s virtual reality simulators provide instructional teaching and training of different diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic interventions. The simulator family includes HystSim™ for hysteroscopic interventions, UroSim™ for prostate resection and bladder tumors, ArthroS™ for knee and shoulder arthroscopy and PelvicSim™ for IUD insertion and hysteroscopy.
Teaching institutions and medical device companies use VirtaMed’s simulators globally for education and hands-on training. For more information on upcoming events and demo opportunities please visit