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Battle of the year: VirtaMed PelvicSim™ vs. ActiveSense™

September 24, 2013

Test the two different ways of virtual reality training at ESGE conference, and help us shape the future of gynecology training!

Tactile feedback during surgery is important, also in diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy and IUD placement. Therefore, a great teaching simulator does not only need highly realistic graphics, it also needs the correct “feeling”.

There are currently two different ways to simulate the tactile feedback a gynecologist receives on the patient:

  • Software-based tactile feedback produced by a robot
    (VirtaMed ActiveSense™, below on the left)
  • An anatomic pelvic model combined with virtual reality
    (VirtaMed PelvicSim™, below on the right)

Both simulation platforms have their advantages, both provide a complete training experience with high-fidelity graphics and tactile feedback. But what works best? Which one should we focus on in the next years, and develop further?

If you want to take part in the decision process and shape the future of OB/GYN education, just stop by at our booth no. 34a at ESGE from October 16 - 18 and let us know your opinion!

The ultimate battle VirtaMed PelvicSim™ against VirtaMed ActiveSense™: Who will be the winner?