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ArthroS™ FAST module - Fundamentals of Arthroscopic Surgery Training

March 03, 2014

The major American orthopaedic associations ABOS (American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery), AAOS (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons) and AANA (Arthroscopy Association of North America) implemented a mandate last year to further improve and standardize surgical education in the field of arthroscopy. They created a program called FAST (Fundamentals of Arthroscopic Surgery Training) which VirtaMed has now incorporated into ArthroS™.

This virtual reality module is based on the Sawbones FAST workstation, which was developed with specifications and refinements from a team led by Robert Pedowitz, MD, PhD. The fusion of the Sawbones FAST dome with our virtual reality simulator offers exciting new training opportunities: surgeons can now practice the basic skills needed before they actually go on and perform complex knee or shoulder arthroscopies.

The basic motor skill training tasks on the FAST workstation guide the trainee through the first steps of arthroscopy and thus enables hospitals and training centers to easily comply with the mandate. Trainees learn which portal to choose and how to perform a correct access. Basic camera navigation tasks include steadiness and image centering, horizon control, periscoping and telescoping. They also learn to use different camera optics and the use of both hands for camera handling, thus allowing for the training of the dominant and non-dominant hand. Trainees get to know how to detect and center an object, probe and measure static objects, and develop triangulation skills.

The new curriculum-based FAST module for the VirtaMed ArthroS™ was presented for the first time at the AAOS 2014 Annual Meeting in New Orleans in March. It was tested and intensively used by many experts present at the show who all commented on how useful this would be as a first teaching step in arthroscopic surgery. If you would like to see VirtaMed's solution for fulfilling the needs of arthroscopists in learning, simply visit us during one of the upcoming conferences or contact us for a hands-on demo.