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VirtaMed Develops Advanced Knee Model for Surgical Training

March 21, 2022

VirtaMed will debut their newest surgical training knee module at this year’s American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) conference held in Chicago, Illinois, March 22-26th.

An important component of this release is a completely redesigned knee model for the VirtaMed ArthroS™ Simulator. The new knee model was developed in close collaboration with AANA’s Knee Expert working group and is a culmination of extensive research, prototyping, and development.

Dr Cassandra Lee, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Chief of Sports Medicine at UC Davis after trying out the new knee model noted that

"Arthroscopy training is all about manual dexterity in tight joints. This new model is a superb training tool with realistic structures including the meniscii, cruciate ligaments, muscles, including skin to create a fully immersive training experience."

The new knee model is more realistic, including a full-sized foot model to allow physicians to practice realistic joint manipulation and palpation skills. The model has a greater range of motion in the hip and knee joints, supporting hyperflexion for realistic ACL reconstruction and the ‘figure 4’ position to allow access to the lateral point compartment. Nine access portals let physicians make their own choices about where to enter the joint to train on their selected procedure (posteromedial and posterolateral).

Virtamed Hardware Developer Erika Beudeker, lead developer of the new model, said that

when developing the knee hardware we received great input from medical experts and residents across the globe. It was a complex and exciting challenge to incorporate all of this input into the final model and I am very satisfied with the end result.”
ArthroS Family

The new model will be released in conjunction with two new software modules: Concepts of ACL Reconstruction and AANA Meniscectomy Cases. Both modules adhere to the training framework identified in the AANA Copernicus Initiative. This Initiative was a 4-year series of research investigations into the merit and impact of the Proficiency Based Progression (PBP) training model. The curriculum focuses on clearly defined metrics composed of steps to complete and specific errors to avoid.

A new knee model will be unveiled at this year’s American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) conference held in Chicago, Illinois, March 22-26th. Live demonstrations will be held at booth 1421 and can be reserved at

About VirtaMed

VirtaMed ArthroS is the most advanced mixed reality training simulator for diagnostic and therapeutic knee, shoulder, hip, and ankle arthroscopy. Together with AANA, AAOS, and ABOS, VirtaMed combined their virtual reality graphics with the Sawbones FAST module for Fundamentals of Arthroscopy Surgery Training. From ACL reconstruction to rotator cuff repair, VirtaMed ArthroS offers increasingly complex simulated patients and pathologies, incorporating advanced imaging techniques such as virtual fluoroscopy.


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