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167 Improvements

October 21, 2012

HystSim & TURPSim 2012: Updates for our favorite simulators and new Laser Module

The updates 2012 for our existing simulators HystSim and TURPSim contain in total 167 smaller or larger improvements. Some of them are of direct use for our customers, some of them are hidden in the software and graphics engine. For example, we enhanced the flow simulation and the bubbles and upgraded the visual appearance of the graphics to the latest standards. Here are the highlights of the new versions 2012:

New Features
Different courses guide the trainee on the way up the learning curve. Basic courses prepare for longer, more difficult course setups. The history of all the patient cases a user accomplished is easier to handle and much more user-friendly. Choose directly in the feedback report in which format your intervention should be shown. Export your Feedback Report and save it – including the movie – on a USB Stick or disk. And the user can choose between a monopolar or a bipolar resection loop. 

TURPSim 2012: New modules for laser BPH treatment and bladder tumor removal

In addition to the training of Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP), trainees can now choose to ablate the prostate with the help of a laser fiber. The new Laser BPH Module features basic skill training as well as complete prostates of varying sizes and difficulties.

Bladder Tumors Module

The Bladder Tumors Module will be launched at the beginning of the year 2013 and allow for the careful resection of tumors inside the male bladder.