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VirtaMed LaparoS™

  • Innovative laparoscopic simulation training derived from validated concepts
  • Start with patient safety: abdomen positioning and trocar placement
  • Condensed sequences teach key skills in realistic anatomical environments
  • Motivational learning with proficiency-based progression

Numerous medical training institutions find that integrating laparoscopic simulation into their curriculum both improves training outcomes and ultimately supports better patient care. Benefit from VirtaMed’s decades of experience and expertise in laparoscopy training and education. Your residents will enter the OR with confidence!

Prof. Dieter Hahnloser, Head Physician Visceral Surgery, CHUV Lausanne, Switzerland

What stands out is that LaparoS™ includes the whole procedural preparation: the positioning of the patient and the placement of the trocars. Then there is the practical part – the step by step learning across different levels.

Prof. Dieter Hahnloser

Patient Position

Patient positioning.png

Start training with your patient in the right position relative to the operative team. Organs move individually and in real time.

Active Trocars™

Asset 2.png

Advanced tissue feedback gives you the sense of touching, lifting and applying tension to simulated organs and tissues.

Train Together


Surgeons learn to master their instruments alongside an assistant with a camera, optimally preparing them for the operating room. 


LaparoS™ Essential Skills

The perfect setup to practice essential laparoscopic skills while benefiting from mixed reality training. Objective feedback metrics provide proficiency-based feedback to help residents accelerate their learning curve.

Using a simulated 0° and 30° optic, residents can become proficient in camera navigation, eye-hand coordination, and development of ambidextrous psychomotor skills. All instruments have authentic ring handles and virtual instrument tips such as clip applicators, scissors, needle holder and atraumatic graspers.

Discover LaparoS™ Essential Skills

VirtaMed LaparoS™ Essential Skills Circular Cutting

LaparoS™ General Surgery

Start by positioning your patient, reverse Trendelenburg or supine, and place Active Trocars™ for your scope and instruments. Stand side-by-side with a colleague for team training, or train in stand-alone mode.

Inserting the laparoscope allows you to examine the entire insufflated peritoneal cavity as you introduce more trocars and instruments. Use a combination of blunt dissection and electrosurgical instruments, and feel tissue feedback individual to each organ.

Condensed training cases focus on specific skills and adverse events, allowing residents to focus on repeating and mastering each skill individually. Improve ambidextrous and non-dominant hand skills using rare Situs inversus totalis patient cases. Choose which anatomical variations you encounter to avoid surprises in the OR.

Discover LaparoS™ General Surgery

VirtaMed LaparoS™ cholecystectomy laparoscopy simulator

LaparoS™ Gynecological Laparoscopy

Start by moving your patient into the Trendelenburg position and place Active Trocars™ for your scope and instruments. Stand side-by-side with a colleague for team training, or train in stand-alone mode.

Residents progress through training cases for diagnostic laparoscopy, anatomy identification, clipping and cutting, and more training cases derived from highly realistic scenarios including Hysterectomy, Tubal Ligation, Uterine Vessel Ligation, Ovarian Cystectomy, Salpingectomy, Adnexectomy, Endometriosis and Salpingotomy for management of ectopic pregnancies.

The platform is also compatible with the VirtaMed GynoS™ Hysteroscopy training modules to provide comprehensive training in line with ACGME, ABOG and ACOG milestones.

Discover LaparoS™ Gynecological Laparoscopy

VirtaMed LaparoS™ Ectopic Pregnancy laparoscopy simulator

VirtaMed laparoscopic platform

VirtaMed LaparoS™ includes an anatomically correct abdomen model that can be used for (reverse) Trendelenburg positioning as appropriate to the training case. Free choice of portals enables trainees to learn instrument handling with different trocar placement. Realistic laparoscopic instruments have been adapted for simulation and combine full freedom of movement with authentic haptic interactions. The simulator is optimized for ergonomic training with an adjustable operative height and a movable multi-touch screen.

VirtaMed LaparoS™ is a multidisciplinary platform, allowing you to rapidly switch between laparoscopy and further VirtaMed modules and anatomies: GynoS™, UroS™ and ArthroS™.


We offer several different levels of service and support packages tailored specifically to the needs of hospitals and training centers. These can provide you with completed coverage (and peace of mind) when it comes to protecting your investment and getting the most out of your simulator. More about VirtaMed customer service and support


VirtaMed Connect™

Access your simulator data anywhere and anytime with VirtaMed's Connect.

Keep your focus on education with remote access; conveniently assign courses and manage curricula, and motivate students with online leader boards, all from the convenience of your office.

Connect lets you track student and cohort progress, helping you easily coach students on key areas for improvement and capture and compare student results over time.

Use Connect to scale simulation to your needs. Because it is cloud-based, Connect can help you easily manage multi-simulator or multi-site training programs. 

Go to the Connect FAQs webpage

Download the VirtaMed Connect Factsheet 

VirtaMed Connect Brochure

Training & Education

Our T&E team is here to help you get the most out of your simulator. In addition to introductory sessions, the T&E team offers in-depth training in a variety of areas and in multiple languages (English, German, French, Italian and Chinese). The T&E team can organize trainings that are as diverse as our customers, catering to groups of all sizes and interests. For example, they have helped customers develop courses for trainees preparing for the European board exam or the Swiss Orthopedic exam as well as courses for experienced professionals looking to train on the less-common joints such as the ankle. More about the VirtaMed Training & Education services

This simulator has entered the market only recently, so there are no stories on centers of excellence available right now.

At the moment, there are no upcoming conferences for this simulator. If you would like to get your own hands-on demo, please contact us for a personal presentation.

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