LaparoS™ Suturing module

A revolutionary suturing module within our LaparoS™ simulator

About the module

Developed hand-in-hand with top surgeons and technology leaders, this module deconstructs the complexity of suturing into manageable step-by-step sequences. From needle orientation to insertion, we've got you covered! ​

Meaningful training cases

Unparalleled realism

The performance of the suture replicates the real-life movements of thread with such precision that it sets a new benchmark in surgical training. 

Different suturing techniques

Our unique knot acceptance metric allows for the exploration of various suturing techniques - overwrap and underwrap, 1-hand vs 2-hand, drop needle vs hold needle - as well as unguided cases for free practice, while ensuring the correctness of the resulting knot. 

Tailored curriculum

Experience a motivational training journey tailored for general and gynecological surgeons, leading to rapid skill enhancement and tangible improvements in OR performance. ​