LaparoS™ Essential skills module

Proficiency based training begins with psychomotor skill training.

About the module

The LaparoS Essential Skills Module provides the perfect setup to practice essential laparoscopic skills while benefiting from mixed reality training. Objective feedback metrics provide you with proficiency-based feedback to help accelerate the learning curve.

Using a simulated 0° and 30° optic, you can become proficient in camera navigation, eye-hand coordination, and development of ambidextrous psychomotor skills. All instruments have authentic ring handles and virtual instrument tips such as clip applicators, scissors, needle holder and atraumatic graspers.

Meaningful training cases

Train the key skills required for FLS assessment

The LaparoS™ Essential Skills module offers abstract training cases inspired by FLS (Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery) to prepare for the assessment of the 5 key skills: bimanual coordination, pattern cutting, loop ligation, needle manipulation and intracorporeal knot tying.

Take your laparoscopic suturing practice to a new level

Enhance your laparoscopic suturing skills with dedicated cases to train needle orientation and manipulation, needle driving and key knot tying techniques such as half knot, square knot and surgeon's knot.

Master camera navigation prior to assisting in the OR

Familiarize yourself with the functionalities of a laparoscope. Take a deep dive into image centering, horizon control and persiscoping (working with a 30° optic) with dedicated exercises.

Factsheets & validation

Get more details about the most realistic laparoscopic simulator.

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