Surgical gynecology

Photorealistic graphics and natural haptic feedback converge to create an unparalleled OB-GYN educational experience

Lead in education with VirtaMed’s Surgical Gynecology simulators. Providing training that ranges from basic diagnostic procedures to advanced operative interventions, the hysteroscopy and laparoscopy modules focus on important surgical skills, pathologies, anatomical variations, and complication handling.


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LaparoS™ Essential skills

This module provides basic psychomotor skills training for laparoscopic surgery. It contains cases inspired by FLS (Fundamentals in Laparoscopic Surgery) as well as essential suturing and camera navigation training.

GynoSSurgical GynecologyLaparoSFertility Offering

LaparoS™ Gynecological laparoscopy

This module offers condensed diagnostic and surgical training cases for laparoscopy with highly realistic scenarios derived from both fertility surgery and other gynecological procedures. It can be combined with the GynoS™ platform for a full OB-GYN offering.


GynoS™ Hysteroscopy

A comprehensive, risk-free endoscopy training simulator that offers students a variety of pathologies and cases at all difficulty levels. Students use original medical instruments to practice treating virtual fibroids, establishing uterine distension, clearing viewing conditions, and safely handling loop electrodes and rollerballs for resection, coagulation, and endometrial ablation. For more experienced learners, there are patients with more serious gynecological pathologies, such as multiple polyps, intramural fibroids, uterine adhesions, or a septum. In the risk-free environment of simulation, students can also train on more advanced endoscopic techniques, such as reducing fluid inflow to reduce uterine distension and allowing intramural fibroids to expand into the cavity for easier resection.


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Covers the entire spectrum of OB/GYN training: from obstetric ultrasound, to hysteroscopy, embryo transfer, and IUD placement


Training for hysteroscopy is very challenging on live patients. Skills training in residency is limited. A hysteroscopic simulator is the best way to really train residents and practicing physicians in procedures. This particular hysteroscopic trainer is an excellent device for training for polypectomy and myomectomy.

Robert K Zurawin, M.D.

Associate Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Baylor College of Medicine


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