Four reasons to train on the VirtaMed ArthroS™ Hip Module

1. Access training
The hip is not an easy joint to access without plenty experience. The highly realistic soft tissue layers of the anatomic hip model allow you to palpate the bony landmarks and freely choose your insertion point; zero radiation fluoroscopy supports safe access.
2. Realistic joint movement
The hip joint has very limited space; fortunately the VirtaMed ArthroS™ Hip anatomical model supports joint traction and hip flexion, thus making navigation easier and more realistic. The model can also be set in both supine and lateral position.
3. Modularity
The Hip Module is part of the VirtaMed ArthroS™ platform, which also features modules for knee and shoulder arthroscopy as well as the FAST module for basic skills training. All the modules come with original tools that can be used across the platform, so you can prepare yourself for a wide array of arthroscopic procedures with a single simulator.
ArthroS™ Hip Module - view larger
4. Customized curriculum
The hip is no exception: all VirtaMed ArthroS­™ modules feature numerous patient cases and pathologies, customizable courses and expert-defined scoring. This makes it easy to include simulation in your curriculum!
ArthroS™ Hip Module - view larger

Would you like to try the hip simulator? You can book a demonstration at an upcoming orthopedics conference or contact us to arrange a personal visit.