ArthroS™ Ankle

The only ankle arthroscopy simulator on the market

About the module

Navigating the ankle joint is difficult: the joint is narrow, the risk of damaging cartilage or nerves is higher than for most other arthroscopic surgeries, the curved bone horizon is disorienting, and surgeons often lose track of the exact location of the arthroscopic camera in the absence of visual landmarks. The ArthroS™ Ankle allows trainees to tackle and overcome these challenges, both in supine and posterior patient position.

Relevant ankle arthroscopy training

Basic ankle arthroscopy skills

Learn instrument handling and triangulation skills while avoiding cartilage damage. Get familiar with the ankle anatomy and learn to visualize key anatomical landmarks.

Diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopy

Visualize various pathologies in the ankle joint including impingements and osteochondritis and master interventions such as loose body removals or impingement decompressions.

Factsheets & validation

Get more details about the most realistic arthroscopy simulator.

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