ArthroS™ Shoulder

More than 40 cases from basic diagnostic arthroscopy to the most advanced rotator cuff repair techniques

About the module

The shoulder module supports both beach chair and lateral decubitus positions, and realistic joint movements, just like in the operating room. An anatomical shoulder model allows for a realistic palpation of landmarks, and movements such as abduction, adduction, flexion, traction, and rotation. The module also allows a free choice of portals to access the shoulder joint.

Relevant Shoulder Arthroscopy Training

From basic skills and guided diagnostic arthroscopy to therapeutics

Trainees practice shoulder navigation with a 15-point shoulder exam and subsequent therapeutic cases let them hone their newly acquired skills on a variety of shoulder pathologies including SLAP and bankart lesions, PASTA tears, synovial membrane inflammations, impingements, and loose bodies.

Rotator cuff repair module

The Rotator Cuff Repair module is an add-on to the ArthroS™ Shoulder module. Practice and perform a single-row or double-row rotator cuff repair, including portal establishment, correct anchor placements, suture management, and fixation procedure steps. Cases were designed in collaboration with the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) and use a proficiency-based progression training model.

Factsheets & validation

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