ArthroS™ Hip

More than 20 different cases from basic skills to therapeutic interventions

About the module

The ArthroS™ Hip offers realistic soft tissue layers that allow trainees to palpate bony landmarks for portal placement, either in lateral decubitus or supine position. Additionally, access training is enhanced by real-time simulated zero radiation. Residents will train the usage of a 70-degree scope in central and peripheral compartments and navigating through the narrow joint.

Relevant Hip Arthroscopy Training

Zero-radiation fluoroscopy

The fluoroscopy view is a feature exclusive to VirtaMed’s ArthroS™ Hip module and without the additional costs of traditional fluoroscopic imaging or unnecessary exposure to radiation. Take real-time fluoroscopic images to help align and adjust tools safely throughout training procedures.

From basic skills and guided diagnostic arthroscopy to therapeutics

Train camera navigation and triangulation skills with a 70 degree optics. Therapeutic patient cases feature FAIs, labral detachments, loose body removal, and cam decompression. Cases were designed and developed in collaboration with the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA).

Factsheets & validation

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