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Immersive virtual reality has great potential because a highly realistic virtual reality environment invites people to use a wide range of their senses and emotions making the experience new and memorable. We want to harness this power to serve an educational purpose, and we want to collaborate with you. 

Development through collaboration

VirtaMed has a great track record in developing customized simulators in collaboration with medical industry and associations, and our tool box includes various highly realistic anatomical scenes ready to adapt for full immersion. Let's join forces to create your immersive VR training tool.

A new perspective

Step inside the human body during a procedure and gain a whole new perspective on how medical devices work, or stroll around to take in the landscape from a never-before-seen angle. The Inside View lets you move freely around the human body in a risk-free training environment to increase your spatial awareness in complex anatomies.


Accelerated learning

Replay procedures to watch your performance from the inside and pause or slow down whenever you need to take a closer look. Use ghosting tools to compare your tool positions to expert-defined recommendations. Understand where and how you can cause damage to learn how to avoid mistakes in the future.

Training across distances

Everyone gets a front row seat whether you are teaching a small group or a huge class spread out across multiple locations. With this type of virtual reality training tool, you know everyone has access to the tiniest details in the simulation.

Create your own immersive experience with VirtaMed

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