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Professional Education

Skills training is most impactful using data-driven simulation solutions to enable physicians to reach quantifiable competency levels

Return on Education

Maximize your impact in medical education by aligning training needs with measurable outcomes.

VirtaMed's Training & Education team are ready to work with you to design training programs and optimally integrate active learning solutions into the learning journey.

Active Learning

Matching your training goals with a toolbox of training solutions is the key to program design.

Our Training & Education experts are ready to help you develop programs that make the best use of technology to meet learners at their level.

Objective training goals

Your impact on learning can be measured! Digital training solutions enable your experts to set proficiency benchmarks and repeat training over and over, motivating the physician to master your devices and procedures.

Proficiency-based training has been shown to increase physician confidence and competence, providing the perfect pathway to the operating room.


Team training

Clinical excellence is delivered by a team, and your simulation training can involve teams too!

The unique combination of anatomical models and original instruments is the perfect setup for the surgical team to learn together, enhancing the whole team's skills and competence with your devices.


Connected education

Your training program relies on the optimal allocation of resources, particularly when investing into high fidelity solutions.

VirtaMed Connect is the data-driven cloud solution to allow you to track and plan simulator usage, and integrate courses with your Learning Management Systems.


Full Service Offering

Develop your in-house expertise with Train-the-Trainer courses and curriculum development workshops backed by decades of experience in professional education.

VirtaMed's global team is ready to help you deliver your training program, through fleet management, remote support, and in-person training.

Case Study: American Society for Reproductive Medicine

ASRM, America’s leading professional organization in reproductive medicine and infertility, developed a simulation training program with VirtaMed to standardize embryo transfer techniques for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).

Simulation solutions enable you to meet a physician at their skill level, and rapidly progress them to be confident and competent with patients in the clinical environment.

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