Augmented reality

Hands-on training in a risk-free environment with immediate feedback

Our expertise

Smart box trainer solutions: watch an expert perform and explain a task, ​then repeat it while recording yourself from your iPad or webcam.​ Compare your result with samples to reflect and assess yourself.​ Review your results and submit them to your Connect profile.​


Tracking and guidance

Interact with anatomical structures, medical instruments and practice your hands-on surgical skills in a safe environment. Integrate virtual objects and AI driven instructions into physical space and simplify the delivery of complex information​.

Accelerated learning

Take your customized solution on the road and demo your medical equipment with the help of an ipad and a smart trainer at conferences and industry events. Record and replay procedures whenever learners need to take a closer look.

The power of Connect

Facilitate the use of large datasets, coordinate remote training, assess progression and tailor your training curriculum all in one place with our cloud platform. Everyone gets a front row seat whether you are teaching a small group or a huge class spread out across multiple locations.


I firmly believe that simulation training should be considered an essential component, rather than a mere option, in surgical education and robotic surgery training. VirtaMed's Dexter simulator is remarkably close to the actual Dexter robot, making it an invaluable tool for honing the skills necessary to operate the robot proficiently before entering the operating room.

Prof. Dieter Hahnloser

Chief Surgeon, and Head of Colorectal Surgery at the University Hospital Lausanne, Switzerland / Performed the first general surgery procedure with Dexter in 2021

We are pleased to partner with VirtaMed, whose 15 years of experience in providing training solutions for minimally invasive transvaginal surgeries will be invaluable as we work to integrate proficiency-based simulation across the skills development pathway for surgeons using our Hominis System.

VirtaMed has shown us that they are not just our vendor, but a strategic partner in a vision to improve patient outcomes together with us. Our experience with VirtaMed has far exceeded expectations, and we strongly recommend them for any new  company moving into medical simulation or taking their simulation to the next level.

Michael Conditt, PhD

Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Clinical Development at Momentis Surgical

We were looking for a portable solution that demonstrates the experience and advantages of Symani while providing a realistic microsurgery training environment. In VirtaMed, we’ve found a partner who shares our mission to improve patient outcomes and the quality of care through comprehensive training methods, allowing us to enrich the training experiences of our surgeons and drive adoption of robotic microsurgery.

Mark Toland


The aim of simulation is to standardize best practices to ultimately improve clinical outcomes using skill and procedural-based metrics while reducing the learning curve to becoming proficient with the system. Virtual reality-based simulation offers physicians the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to become technically competent prior to use in a real-world clinical setting.

Chris Klecher

Senior Vice President, Upstream Marketing, EndoQuest Robotics

With Virtamed’s unique expertise in simulation training solutions and Aspivix’ s commitment to advancing women’s healthcare through innovation designed for clinicians with women’s experience in mind, we focused on supporting healthcare professionals with new medical education to improve IUDs placement with our Carevix. Our early adopters have been impressed by the quality, ease-of-use, and innovation of the 3D online simulator on IUD.

Together with our shared goal to improve patient care, our collaboration with VirtaMed represents an incredible opportunity to advance innovation in FemTech and revolutionize the medical education for current and future healthcare professionals in gynecology.

Mathieu Horras

CEO and co-founder of ASPIVIX

Improving patient care is at the core of what we do; education and proper training on Paragard® plays a crucial role. The agility and flexibility of the VirtaMed developer team is outstanding!  We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the simulator training program and the tools they created for us. Our simulators are a customized interactive solution that delivers a user-friendly, compliant experience for healthcare professionals.

Priscilla Tavener

Senior Director of Marketing, CooperSurgical

Team - How we work?

Fast and agile

Regular in-house meetings and consistent syncs with our customers makes it easy to iterate and deliver ahead of time.


We work directly with your robotic surgical system, to create the most realistic user experience for your simulator.

Close cooperation

For the duration of our cooperation we integrate into your team and rely on your experts’ and key opinion leaders’ feedback.

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Fabiano Caldas

Chief Commercial Officer