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Surpass your device targets with an advanced solution that helps you get time with physicians and maximizes your impact


The best demonstration

Make the most of your time together with physicians by giving the best demonstration of your device, wherever you are.

Focus on the unique aspects of your device by placing it in a physician's hand and allowing them to understand its advantages for diagnosing or treating a range of pathologies.

Maximum impact

Give physicians the skills and confidence to regularly use your devices.

VirtaMed simulators expose physicians to a range of pathologies and prepare them for complications, giving them the confidence to regularly plan procedures with your devices. Reward training with integrated certificates, recognizing their training course completion.

Reliable sales enablement

VirtaMed is a recognized leader in usability and customer support.

With a customer satisfaction rating of over 95%, we are confident that you are equipping your field team with a solution that they can rely on time and again. Our global support and logistics teams are ready to help you deliver hands-on training to your customers.

Faster onboarding

Give your field teams a quick and intense onboarding using your devices integrated into a simulator.

Simulation provides a unique hands-on experience, which shortens learning curves and motivates your team to perfect their demonstration.

Case Study: Hologic

State-of-the-art surgical education was the goal of a collaboration between US-based Hologic, Inc. and VirtaMed. The result is a simulator for innovative training of systems for the removal of intrauterine tissue. Over than 2,000 physicians were trained within the first year of the program.

Simulation solutions give you a compelling reason to spend time demonstrating your device to physicians and allows you to focus on your product’s USPs.

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