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Custom Solutions

Increase physicians' uptake of new devices with the rapid deployment of high-tech solutions alongside your product launch


Flagship Solutions

Put your devices in the hands of surgeons for the ultimate realistic and risk-free training.

VirtaMed's award-winning, patented mixed reality simulators are a unique combination of sensorized original surgical instruments, advanced haptic interfaces, and the latest in computer graphics. Together they enable a fully digitized learning journey.

Real Instruments

Your instruments can be integrated into hands-on simulation training, and operative elements accurately replicated on screen.

Give surgeons a familiar feeling of your devices in their hands. Our engineering teams have decades of experience in adapting medical devices for use in simulation. VirtaMed's technology can track instrument movements with sub-millimeter accuracy alongside a virtual 3D model.

Real Feel

Your protocols and procedures can be practiced with lifelike anatomical models that can be reused time after time.

VirtaMed's haptic technologies have been independently validated as providing the most realistic tactile and tissue feedback. Our solutions combine smart anatomical rubber models with active haptic elements to accurately replicate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Advanced physics simulation gives surgeons the most realistic interaction with each individual organ and tissue.

Real Graphics

Your target pathologies can be replicated at different difficulty levels, with on-demand complications and pre-set adverse events.

Two decades of research into computer science enables us to create photorealistic graphics for an unrivalled range of imaging technology, including endoscopy, fluoroscopy and ultrasound. Augmented reality gives surgeons optional intraoperative simulation guidance to improve understanding of the anatomy and procedure.

Blended Learning Solutions

The optimal medical device training pathway meets learners at their level. Cognitive skills acquisition is an essential part of active learning, and VirtaMed's integrated solutions leverage the same digital assets to help you quickly achieve global scale.


VirtaMed's award-winning SimulationOnline™ platform was created during the pandemic: a solution to scale under social distancing. Adaptive learning pathways meet learners at their level, providing expert clinical advice along the way.

Your Instructions For Use form the basis for SimulationOnline™, using clinical decision making and active learning principals to maximize knowledge transfer.

Immersive Training

Gain a fresh perspective on the anatomy with the power of virtual reality using fully immersive headsets. Choose from a variety of approaches, including a unique intra-articular interoperative view, and the ability to collaborate on multi-participant platforms. 

Your instruments and procedures are integrated into an immersive photorealistic environment that can be further leveraged for high fidelity simulation solutions.

Scalable Content

Gain maximum scale with modern and elegant didactic content that uses VirtaMed's 3D animations to show your devices according to their Instructions For Use and in an anatomically correct context.

Your didactic materials can be optimized with our Training & Education experts and our 3D graphics teams. 

Case study: Rezum

The Rezum system is a device that utilizes radiofrequency energy to create thermal energy in the form of water vapor to destroy and eliminate excessive prostatic tissue growth caused by Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Using procedure videos from 197 different patients in the Rezum II pivotal study, we developed five very representative simulated procedures from easy to most challenging – “most challenging” is primarily related to differences in anatomy. Not only do physicians have the direct visualization of the procedure as they will see it during an actual case, the simulation also allows them to visualize the effect of the tissue ablation occurring within the prostate. The simulator scores how effectively the physicians perform the procedure, before they can go on and perform their initial patient case(s).

Simulation solutions are a critical part of bringing your device to market because physicians learn the cognitive and manual skills required to start regularly using a new device.

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