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Enterprise Partnerships

We believe medical education is powerfully delivered through world-class simulation training solutions

Partnering for impact

We make the most impact in medical education when we combine our expertise with the life science and medical device industry, leading medical societies, and leading medical experts. Together we drive educational relevance and ensure healthcare providers benefit from training.

Partnering for innovation

Our solutions remain at the cutting edge of computer vision, artificial intelligence, biomechanical engineering, and medical education by collaborating with leading public and private institutions. Together we are leaders in data-driven medical education.

Partnering for surgical performance

Our goal is to improve the quality of clinical care, which is achieved through strategic partnerships in value-based healthcare. Together we embed simulation into healthcare systems and create a close relationship between medical education and patient outcomes.

think.pngCustom Solutions

Increase device adoption by physicians through the rapid deployment of high-tech solutions alongside your product launch.

Custom Solutions

graph.pngProfessional Education

Skills training is most impactful using data-driven simulation solutions to enable physicians to reach quantifiable competency levels.

startup.pngGo To Market

Surpass your sales targets with an advanced solution that helps you get time with physicians and maximizes your impact.

coin.pngGrow Your Market

Grow your market share by cost-effectively deploying simulation solutions that create physician brand preference for your devices.

Case study: KARL STORZ

PDD and SPECTRA A/B, developed for the IMAGE1-S camera platform, are two different imaging technologies with the same goal: to help surgeons recognize different tissues during operation. Physicians can now experience the benefits of both technologies in virtual reality by using the UroTrainer™, powered by VirtaMed.

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