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Global players in the medical device market use VirtaMed simulators for solving their educational needs and for marketing purposes. We have asked some of our industry customers what they like about their custom-made simulators, and how they benefit from them in their daily life.

Working with the staff from VirtaMed was a pleasure. Everyone we met was so uniquely suited to the position they held and the role they played on our project. It’s a high caliber team who listened and were actively engaged in understanding the procedure and all the nuances we wanted to capture in order to make the simulation experience as realistic as possible.
Amanda Heys, Senior Manager Professional Education & Training; Matt Byrne, Senior Systems Engineer, NxThera

CyberSym has been developed by VirtaMed for Quanta Systems. The virtual reality simulator offers surgeons the chance to train the use of a laser in  the case of benign prostate hyperplasia surgery. It enables surgeons to train different laser techniques such as vaporesection, vaporization, or enucleation.

Virtual reality simulators are definitely the future of medical education. Surgeons can repeat the procedure to infinity. So far, the problem was to reproduce a simulation close to reality: The VirtaMed solution has closed this gap. Therefore, as soon as the resident has gained the manual skills on the simulator, the real procedure becomes much easier.

Prof. Luca Carmignani, Head of Urology IRCCS Policlinico San Donato, Milano (Italy)

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Richard Wolf uses customized versions of the HystSim™ and UroSim™ for their PRINCESS® scope in gynecology and their Shark/Resection Master and Piranha scope in urology. Here is what they say about their Richard Wolf simulator:
The user finds an environment that is very detailed and very lifelike. We have an original laser resectoscope with an authentic handle, exactly how we sell it. Learning effects are astonishingly fast, because the training effect is measurable.
Director Product Marketing Urology, Richard Wolf GmbH

Anklin AG provides high competence consulting, expertise, and service for endoscopic equipment, and has provided endoscopic instruments for VirtaMed simulators right from the start. Anklin AG has been specialized in the field of medical devices for endoscopy since 1954 and is still one of the leading companies in this field in Switzerland today. Since the very beginning, Anklin AG had a partnership with KARL STORZ GmbH & Co. KG, the global leader in rigid endoscopy, which guarantees continuous enhancements and up-to-date technology.

For more than 50 years now, we have been training surgeons and have seen many different training methods come and go. The TURPSim™ developed by VirtaMed AG beats all existing training tools with regards to realism and a broad selection of exercises. We are confident that the development of virtual reality simulators will revolutionize medical education.

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