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Custom simulators using original medical devices


Taking physician education to the next level: that is what we do. Ever wanted to know and experience how your medical devices would look like & behave in virtual reality? Or how a customized simulator would facilitate your medical education? Now is your chance!

Why your own simulator?

We can develop customized simulators that work with your medical device. Surgeons can train with your original tools without needing to go to the OR. Plus, you can show how it works right at a medical conference booth, in a training course, or in the physician's office.

References from the industry

VirtaMed has developed customized surgical simulators for companies such as Smith & Nephew, Hologic, Richard Wolf, Biolitec, and many more. Learn more about how they use their customized simulators for medical education and marketing purposes.

How can we help you with your educational and marketing needs? Let’s discuss what your customized simulator could look like, and what it could do for you.