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Intrauterine Tissue Removal

  • Perform a safe diagnostic hysteroscopy
  • Recognize and safely remove intrauterine fibroids using a shaver
  • Understand fluid management as it relates to a shaver
  • Master angled optics, ergonomics and safety measures

Perfect your tissue removal skills on the best hysteroscopic simulator available. Quickly and safely learn how perform one of the most common procedures for treating fibroids, polyps and myomas.

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Original Instruments 

Our simulators use original surgical instruments so with each case users gain experience correctly manipulating the MyoSure® device and scope, as well as using the pressure pump. 

Myosure Device

Proficiency-Based Learning

Each progressively more complicated case requires the user to remove different types of pathologies in the uterus and handle complication such a bleeding.

All training cases can be performed in guided or unguided mode, accompanying the user throughout their entire learning journey. 

Objective and detailed feedback reports provide information on all aspects of the completed case to optimize learning. Pre-defined benchmarks help students self-assess their progress and empowers them to take control of their learning.

MyoSure Camera View

Unsurpassed Realism 

The MyoSure Tissue Removal module is photorealistic and gives trainees experience that will transfer directly into the clinical setting. The only thing distinguishing the simulation from real-life is that it is risk- and stress-free; trainees can practice as long as they need in order to become confident in the procedure. 

Myosure Device

Learn more about the next generation in surgical gynecology, including how you can now incorporate patient positioning, free trocar placement, and team training with simulation.

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