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Surgical Gynecology

  • Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy training aligned with the ACOG milestones
  • The only simulator for patient positioning, trocar placement and team training
  • Photorealistic graphics, surgical instruments and anatomically correct models
  • All simulation modules available on one ergonomic platform

Lead in education with VirtaMed’s Surgical Gynecology simulators. Providing training that ranges from basic diagnostic procedures to advanced operative interventions, the hysteroscopy and laparoscopy modules focus on important surgical skills, pathologies, and complications. The simulators are used in a number of CME accredited courses.

Dr. Vincent Villefranque, The Simone Veil Hospital, Eaubonne, France

The better doctors are trained, the fewer operative complications there will be. Complications that cost the society millions. I have been working with VirtaMed simulators for several years and for me there is no equivalent in hysteroscopy training.

Expand training opportunities 

Simulation training is an essential part of the educational pathway for residents to train outside of the operating room. With VirtaMed you gain a solution that will never let you down and will add to the quality of your existing teaching curriculum. 

Bringing together the laparoscopy and hysteroscopy modules, including the MyoSure® tissue removal training, the surgical gynecology simulation portfolio offers an all-inclusive preparation for the operating room. Residents can practice independently without the need for a proctor and can repeat procedure to proficiency.

Surgical gynecology can be complemented with training modules for ob/gyn, as well as orthopedics and urology,

Achieve laparoscopy and hysteroscopy teaching goals

  • Knowledge of basic abdominal and pelvic anatomy
  • Appropriate patient positioning
  • Trocar placement
  • Manipulation of endoscopic instruments and fluid handling
  • Correct tissue handling
  • Electrosurgery and mechanical tissue removal
  • Management of surgical complications
  • Team collaboration

Read the full ACOG milestones here 

Safe performance of diagnostic and operative procedures

  • Essential Laparoscopic skills for FLS
  • Targeted biopsy
  • Polypectomies
  • Myomectomies
  • Synechia and septum removal
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy and tubal patency test
  • Ureter identification with peristalsis
  • Tubal sterilization using sterilization clips or bipolar coagulation
  • Ovarian cystectomy using aqua dissection and blunt dissection
  • Salpingectomy of left fallopian tube
  • Bleeding control for ovarian vasculature
  • Salpingotomy for management of ectopic pregnancies
  • Key hysterectomy tasks, including treatment of the adnexa and vesicouterine fold dissection

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validation studies 

The results show that:

  • VirtaMed simulators improve the acquisition of hysteroscopic skills regardless of the previous levels of experience (Elessawy et al 2007)
  • Psychomotor skills and resection time improve (Neis et al 2016)
  • The hysteroscopy simulator was felt to be at least equal to the ‘‘gold standard’’ pig bladder model for training in hysteroscopic myomectomy (Glazerman et al 2009)

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