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VirtaMed Robotic Training Solutions

Our mixed reality simulators allow us to deliver a variety of tailored solutions in robotic-assisted surgery designed to support your product journey.

The VirtaMed Robotic solutions help surgical device companies reach faster results and better quality. With our team of experts, we provide you with excellent support in realizing your vision, from ideation to product launch and scaling.

Numerous surgical device partners have found that integrating simulation into their product development and training pathways leads to faster and more successful product launches.

Full range of instruments

  • Flexible instruments
  • Rigid instruments
  • Articulating instruments

R&D simulation

  • Optimize your product life cycle and improve the quality of your output
  • Produce prototypes of new features more efficiently
  • Test faster and repeatedly without any consequences
  • Launch with confidence and ensure maximum product performance

Data-driven training

  • Full range of simulation offerings for your training pathway
  • Cost-effective and highly relevant training on global scale
  • “All in one” collection of data, metrics and scores for competency-based training


R&D Development

Our AI-driven device design platform enables virtual (“in-silico”) instead of physical design, development, and testing of new surgical devices for robotic assisted surgery. This allows rapid testing of a new device design with its benefits and limitations, comparing different device designs and optimize parameters to suggest enhanced devices.

In-silico design speeds up ideation, optimization, and trial of new devices which decreases cost, development cycles, regulatory and go-to-market risks and ultimately reduces the risks for patients. In-silico prototyping also forms the foundation to create intellectual property assets for digital surgery at an unprecedented pace. 

VirtaMed is a proud partner of Unity, hence benefiting from multi-billion investment in gaming and offering these capabilities to the medical device industry as part of a Digital Twin platform. 



High-fidelity Simulation Content

With the help of our Training & Education team, we deliver the procedures most relevant to your product. We work together to create the best possible solution for your product development and optimization. We make sure to offer you an environment adapted to your specific requirements in which you can reach maximum development capabilities. 

The offering includes basic skills, procedural skills and complication training with applications across a wide clinical spectrum such as endoscopic surgery (gastroscopy, laparoscopy, colonoscopy, gynecology, urology etc.), spine, knee, shoulder, thoracic, kidney, and more.


Console & Instruments Integration

Robotics Console: different ways of integration

Robotics Instruments: Get the flexibility you need for your diverse devices. From flexible instruments, rigid instruments to articulating instruments, our solutions are designed to meet your product needs. Both hardware and software adaptations are able to provide you with a high-end product simulation. 

Image in partnership with Memic 


Mixed Reality Platform

VirtaMed's Mixed Reality platform enables next-level training of the whole surgical team, including surgeon, nurse, bedside assistant and scrubtech. This allows to conduct training directly in the hospital and brings down the number of days in the lab, as well as outside work. The number of cadavers is significantly reduced, enabling surgical teams to train as many times as needed at minimal incremental cost.

The platform integrates with the robotic system and provides significant advantages in comparison to cadaver training:

  • 5,10,100 anatomies & pathologies at a click of a button
  • Standardized training and best practice integration
  • Docking, trocar placement, emergency protocols, etc. 
  • Realistic complication training, fluid management, and more
  • Qualitative & quantitative performance feedback
  • … at a much lower cost
Mixed Reality Platform

VR Solutions (immersive training)

Gain a fresh perspective on the anatomy with the power of virtual reality using fully immersive headsets. Choose from a variety of approaches, including a unique intra-articular intraoperative view, and the ability to collaborate on multi-participant platforms. 

Your instruments and procedures are integrated into an immersive photorealistic environment that can be further leveraged for high fidelity simulation solutions.


VirtaMed's award-winning SimulationOnline™ platform was created during the pandemic: a screen-based simulation solution to scale training anywhere, anytime. Adaptive learning pathways meet learners at their level, providing expert clinical advice along the way.

Your existing training materials and/or Instructions For Use form the basis for SimulationOnline™, using clinical decision making and active learning principles to maximize knowledge transfer.


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