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LaparoS™ Essential Skills

  • Motivational essential laparoscopic training derived from validated concepts
  • The most advanced simulator for developing ambidextrous laparoscopic skills
  • Efficient training including exercises based on Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) concepts and laparoscopic suturing training 

Motivational Training for Essential Laparoscopic Skills

  • Train in a stimulating abstract environment designed to develop and perfect basic laparoscopic skills

  • Choose between training with your left or right dominant hand, in front or back working positions, and with 0° or 30° optic

  • Become proficient in camera navigation, eye-hand coordination, clip placement, development of bimanual and ambidextrous psych­omotor skills

  • The LaparoS™ Essential Skills module offers training cases inspired by FLS (Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery) to prepare for the assessment of the 5 key skills: bimanual coordination, pattern cutting, loop ligation, needle manipulation and intracorporeal knot tying

  • Objective feedback metrics provide you with proficiency-based feedback
VirtaMed LaparoS™ Essential Skills Needle Passing

The Perfect Setup to Train Ambidexterity

  • Learn transferable key skills through exercises in an abstract environment designed to engage both the dominant and non-dominant hand

  • Benefit from authentic haptic interactions and real feel of the instruments

  • Efficiently improve your ambidextrous motor skills with a variety of training cases, including Image Centering & Lifting, Grasping & Bimanual Coordination, Ligating Loop Placement, Needle Passing and Needle Insertion
VirtaMed LaparoS™ Essential Skills Grasping & Bimanual Coordination

Essential Skills for Laparoscopic Suturing

  • Follow a step by step learning approach of key manual skills for laparoscopic suturing

  • Train needle rotation, positioning and manipulation using original needle holders

  • Acquire different laparoscopic knot tying techniques: half knot, square knot and surgeon’s knot

  • Train both with your dominant and non-dominant hand with front and backhand technique
VirtaMed LaparoS™ Essential Skills Instruments

Laparoscopic Simulation Based on Validated Concepts

LaparoS™ is based on validated studies which demonstrate simulation as a valuable training and assessment tool in laparoscopy, complemented by long-term cooperation with a group of leading laparoscopic surgeons in Switzerland and internal expertise from Dr. Martina Vitz, the co-author of several studies leading VirtaMed’s Training & Education team.

VR is more likely to be successful if it is systematically integrated into a well-though-out education and training program which objectively assesses technical skills improvements proximate to learning experience.

- Gallagher, A. G., Ritter, E. M., Champion, H., Higgins, G., Fried, M. P., Moses, G.,Satava, R. M. Virtual Reality Simulation for the Operating Room. Proficiency Based Training as a Paradigm Shift in Surgical Skills Training. Annals of Surgery, 2005, 241(2), 364–372.

VirtaMed LaparoS™ Essential Skills

Discover the complete VirtaMed LaparoS™ for General Surgery, Gynecological Laparoscopy and Essential Skills simulation


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