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GynoS™ OB/GYN Ultrasound Simulator

Transition faster from novice to expert sonographer in both obstetric and gynecological ultrasound training.

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Anthony C. Sciscione, D.O., ObGyn Residency Program Director, ChristianaCare

Our goal is that everyone leaves here competent in obstetrics and gynecology, and the VirtaMed GynoS is a great tool to do that!"

Protocol driven learning

Start with the most basic skills of probe navigation before mastering a variety of standardized exams, including ISUOG's 20+2 planes approach to the routine mid-trimester scan.

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Fully simulated graphics

Learn to identify rare abnormalities with our photorealistic graphics. Use the different guidance features, including outside view and caliper placement indicators, for independent learning.

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Realistic tactile sensation

Navigate the transabdominal probe freely across the abdomen. The highly realistic haptic feedback of the transvaginal probe will help you to perfect your probe navigation skills.

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Transabdominal obstetric ultrasound

Practice across 100 cases, various fetal positions, and doppler imaging. Explore the most common pathologies in the mid-trimester fetus, including Down's syndrome.

Transvaginal obstetric ultrasound

Increase your exposure to unique conditions, such as ectopic pregnancies, that might not be encountered during clinical training. Fetal ages range between 5 and 13 weeks.

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