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VirtaMed ArthroS™ Hip

  • Train hip arthroscopy with 70 degrees optic
  • Arthroscopic access training with zero-radiation fluoroscopy
  • Photorealistic graphics, surgical instruments and anatomically correct models

Validated Hip Arthroscopy Simulation 

Simulation training is an essential part of the educational pathway to train outside of the operating room. Independent validation studies show the VirtaMed ArthroS™ to be the most realistic and impactful teaching tool you can add to your training program.

Head-to-head comparisons of the VirtaMed ArthroS™ and other simulators repeatedly quantify the greater quality and educational relevance of this advanced arthroscopic simulator. The hip module has been validated to be an reliable measure of performance in comparison to other forms of training. 

The VirtaMed hip arthroscopy simulator demonstrated good construct validity and excellent reliability for simulator-based metrics and ASSET score. Utilization of both simulator metrics and ASSET offers a more comprehensive performance assessment on hip arthroscopy simulation than either measure alone.

ArthroS Hip Module on Platform

Focus on optimal hip joint access

  • Anatomic left hip model provides learning-essential haptic feedback, including a realistic palpation of bony landmarks, joint traction, hip flexion, and femur rotation 

  • Train on how to use 70 degree angled optics and how to navigate the central and peripheral aspects of the hip

  • Supports risk-free portal placement training - comes with replaceable inserts

  • Easily and rapidly switch between lateral decubitus and supine position

Hip model

Zero-radiation fluoroscopy

The fluoroscopy view is a new feature exclusive to VirtaMed’s ArthroS™ Hip
module. This new software feature allows for precision training in the hip joint.
Users of the ArthroS™ Hip can take real time fluoroscopic images to help align
and adjust tools safely throughout training procedures. Users can simultaneously see the fluoroscopic view, the simulated camera view, and the outside view. This allows for precise radiation-free training.


Diverse pathologies and customized courses

The VirtaMed ArthroS™ Hip module is part of the ArthroS™ platform and offers
a diversity of arthroscopic procedures. There are numerous patient cases
and pathologies along with customizable courses that allow for a broad
learning experience.

Objective feedback reports provide learners with essential information on how well they performed the procedure and which aspects to focus on next time.

With simulation, the next patient is just a click away!

Hip In simulation image

Guided diagnostics & therapeutics

The hip module features diagnostic training that improves user dexterity.
Users are able to train triangulation, camera navigation with 70 degree optics,
and narrow space maneuvering. Therapeutic patient cases feature FAIs, labral
detachments, loose body removal, cam decompression, and identifying and
repairing cartilage damage. The use of original surgical instruments gives
users a real feel for surgical training. Lastly, the modularity of the simulator
allows for functional changeability between different ArthroS™ modules.


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