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VirtaMed ArthroS™ Knee

  • The most realistic knee arthroscopy simulator, validated by numerous studies
  • Courses developed jointly with the Arthroscopy Association of North America
  • Photorealistic graphics, surgical instruments and anatomically correct models

Validated Arthroscopic Simulation 

Simulation training is an essential part of the educational pathway to train outside of the operating room. Independent validation studies show the VirtaMed ArthroS™ to be the most realistic and impactful teaching tool you can add to your training program.

Head-to-head comparisons of the VirtaMed ArthroS™ and other simulators repeatedly quantify the greater quality and educational relevance of this advanced arthroscopic simulator.

Passive haptic feedback was judged to be superior when compared to active haptic feedback mechanisms in the context of VR arthroscopy - which suggests that the significantly superior passive haptic feedback may have a beneficial impact on the educational value of the simulator, resulting in improved precision and of trainees in the operating room.

Vaghela et al. (2021)

VirtaMed ArthroS™ Knee 2.0 Simulator

Anatomically Correct Patient Model

  • Patient Model and original instruments are tracked with sub-millimeter precision
  • New right knee model allows physical manipulation of the knee joint, including varus and valgus, flexion, and extension. It also supports hip joint flexion, hyperflexion, extension and figure 4

  • Perfectly replicated internal structures such as bones, menisci, ACL, patella and tendons offer learning-essential haptic feedback

  • Choice between two skin tones 
VirtaMed ArthroS™ Knee 2.0 Simulator

Guided Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Learn instrument handling and triangulation skills while avoiding cartilage damage. Learn to visualize relevant structures with an arthroscope, palpate them with a probe, and resect them with a punch and shaver.

Experts from the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) have defined guided tours so that trainees learn the optimal path to take when performing a diagnostic tour.


VirtaMed ArthroS™ Knee Arthroscopy Training Simulator

Therapeutic Procedures

Use arthroscopic instruments to treat meniscus lesions, combined arthrosis and tears, synovitis, loose bodies, torn and ruptured ACLs for chronic and subacute patients. 

Objective feedback reports provide learners with essential information on how well they performed the procedure and which aspects to focus on next time.

With simulation, the next patient is just a click away!

VirtaMed ArthroS™ Knee Arthroscopy Training Simulator

ACL Reconstruction

The ACL Reconstruction Module is an add-on module to the VirtaMed ArthroS™ Knee. Trainees learn how to manage partial and chronic ACL tears, using two practice cases (femoral and tibial tunnel placements), and three full procedure cases (acute ACL tear, partial ACL tear, chronic ACL tear). 

Developed on the AANA Copernicus Initiative, which evaluated the effectiveness of proficiency-based progression training, this module uses contains clearly defined metrics to evaluate ten specific procedure sections broken down into 38 steps. Emphasis is on steps completed and errors avoided. 
VirtaMed ArthroS™ ACL Reconstruction

Meniscal Repair

The Meniscal Repair simulation module allows residents and fellows to train 4 different techniques depending on the meniscal tear type:

  • the all-inside technique
  • the outside-in technique
  • the transtibial pullout technique for medial meniscus root tears
  • the two-portal posteromedial approach for medial meniscus ramp lesions

All cases are available in an unguided and in a guided version, in which little helping elements guide the trainees through the exercise. The module was designed in collaboration with Prof. Romain Seil from Luxembourg.

VirtaMed ArthroS™ Knee Arthroscopy Training Simulator

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