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VirtaMed ArthroS™ Ankle

  • Focus on optimal ankle joint access and navigation
  • Photorealistic graphics, surgical instruments and anatomically correct models
  • Easy integration into training curriculum

Advanced Ankle Arthroscopy Simulation 

VirtaMed ArthroS Ankle arthroscopy simulator features an anatomic left ankle model with bones and tendons providing learning-essential haptic feedback.

The model allows for realistic physical manipulation of the joint such as traction and flexion, and trainees can quickly switch between supine and prone positions. 

ArthroS Module Module on Platform

Learn joint navigation

Navigating the ankle joint is difficult, as the joint is narrow and the risk of cartilage or nerve damage higher than in most other arthroscopic surgeries. The curved bone horizon is disorienting, and surgeons often struggle to triangulate the arthroscopic camera in the absence of visual landmarks. With an outside view option and instrument guidance, trainees can hone instrument usage and anatomical knowledge in a risk-free environment.

Picture of Ankle module with instruments

Diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopy

Along with the other VirtaMed ArthroS™ modules, the ankle module features diagnostic training that will aid in improving dexterity and triangulation. Trainees are able to manipulate the joint, including applying traction and flexion. They also learn how to maneuver their instruments in the narrow spaces available.

For more advanced trainees, the simulator offers a wide variety of therapeutic patient cases that include anterior impingement, cartilage defects, synovitis, and loose bodies.

Ankle Arthroscopic Views.

Easy integration into a training curriculum

The VirtaMed ArthroS™ Ankle features numerous patient cases and pathologies along with customizable proficiency exams that allow for a broad learning experience. 

Objective feedback reports provide learners with essential information on how well they performed the procedure and which aspects to focus on next time. With expert-defined scoring and the possibility for proficiency-based learning, the VirtaMed ArthroS Ankle allows you to incorporate simulation easily into your arthroscopic surgery curriculum. 

With simulation, the next patient is just a click away!
Ankle model image

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