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Raimundo Sierra, PhD

Raimundo Sierra, PhD

CEO, Founder

Since joining VirtaMed operationally in October 2014, Raimundo has been driving the development of our long-term growth strategy and guiding our transition from a start-up to an globally present company. Given his background in surgical simulation and consulting, Raimundo is involved in almost all aspects of our business, from technical questions on segmentation to marketing projects.

Previously unfamiliar with computers, Raimundo quickly discovered his passion for software, algorithms, computer vision and its application to non-engineering fields while studying at ETH Zurich. He received both his Master's and his doctoral degree in electrical engineering from the university, and his PhD thesis on variable models for surgical training simulation was an integral part of VirtaMed's birth.

As a postdoctoral researcher in Boston he worked on surgical simulation and contributed to starting VirtaMed. in 2007 he joined McKinsey and built-up his management skills as a consultant for 5 years, followed by 2 years of building and leading a Corporate Digitization unit in the agrochemical sector. In 2014 Raimundo and Stefan decided to join forces and co-lead the growth of VirtaMed. Raimundo enjoys skiing, hiking, traveling and good food.