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Michèle Winkler

Michèle Winkler

Senior Human Resources Manager

Michèle focuses on recruiting the best candidates to fill positions at VirtaMed and build a great team. She is devoted to smooth administration and processes, keeping an open dialogue between hiring managers and candidates. She supports comprehensive onboarding and training, and seeks high employee satisfaction and retention. Her personal passion within Human Resources is finding the ideal balance between fulfilling the company’s personnel needs and helping employees with personal and professional development such that both are aligned and in harmony with the other.

Michèle joined VirtaMed in 2014, serving as the company's Office Manager, while also helping the Sales and Marketing teams grow in scale. In June of 2016, drawing upon her broad experience across the company, she dedicated herself full-time to HR.

In her free time, you will likely find her at handball matches with her family or taking care of her Ridgeback, Dajan.